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Minutes for the February 1990 Meeting

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Jericho-Underhill Water District minutes of February 5, 1990  

The February meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was called to order at 7:07 P.M. by President David Damkot. Dave asked Harold to take the minutes in the absence of the clerk, Peg Sargent. Persons present were:

David Damkot, President               Jeffrey McDonald, Engineer

Douglas Keith, Trustee

Harold Sargent, Trustee

The January 8, 1990 minutes were unanimously accepted.

The Cash Flow Statement ending January 31, 1990 was unanimously accepted.

The System's Improvement Project financial statement was unanimously accepted.

The System Operator's Report was unanimously accepted. See operator's report attached. Marc advised he did not feel well so did not attend the meeting.

Old Business:

Jeff McDonald discussed the well situation with the Board. He has asked Hydro-Group, Inc. to provide written details of the specific method of well development used. Page 153 of the National Water Well Association's chapter 8 titled 'Water Well Development' listed high-velocity jetting as the most effective well develop­ment method. The board understands that jetting was not used in development of it's well. Mr. McDonald said after he receives the requested information from Hydro-Group Inc., he'll schedule a meeting with the Board, State representatives, a Farmer's Home Administration representative and his office. Harold suggested the meeting take place prior to March 5, 1990, which is the date of the next Board meeting. Mr. McDonald said Webster-Martin, Inc. is developing a formal 'suspension of work order' for Dave to execute and mail to Hydro-Group, Inc.

The Board received a nice note from Barbara and Frank Goss on lower Poker Hill Road thanking the Board and the Contractor for being sensitive to their property during construction of the new water line on Poker Hill. They were grateful that care was taken with equipment to save their pine trees.

Harold reported that he called Fire Chief Dave Tillotson on January 9, 1990 and advised that the hydrant where Willow Lane intersects with Raceway is out-of-order. Harold placed a plastic bag over the hydrant and attached a sign which states the hydrant is 'out-of-order', it 'will be repaired in the spring', the 'Fire Department has been informed' and for 'questions to contact the Jericho-Underhill Water District'.

Since work has ceased at the new pump house and well field, the Board decided to suspend snow plowing. Harold will call Robert Hill and inform him of the Board's decision.

Following previous discussions regarding the symbiosis of the Water District and the Fire Department, Doug mentioned some things we provide the Fire Department and what they provide us. We provide water storage and a distribution system with hydrants that enables the Fire Department to fight fires more efficiently within the district and also more effectively throughout their service area. The fire house is on the District’s water, and training programs frequently include using hydrants and water. In return, they flush our hydrants once a year, and would assist in other ways as needed.

The Board inquired as to whether the Clerk had sent a copy of the rules on meter testing to Mr. John O'Brien. The clerk's husband wasn't sure, but in his official Trustee capacity would check with the clerk and remind her of this Board request.

Doug reported that it is apparent that the Binex Co. on Rte 15 has a second tenant as of about the last of 1989/ first of 1990. The Clerk, of course, will take note and bill accordingly.

The Board reviewed work it needs to have Marc schedule for 1990.

  1. Re-develop old well points (well site No. 1) if deemed necessary by increased vacuum pressure.
  2. Repair hydrant on Raceway Road.
  3. Repair Raceway valve.
  4. Oversee hydrant flushing by Fire Department.

Bills were reviewed and signed except for the one from Red Hed Supply and Webster-Martin, Inc. The Red Hed bill needs to have Marc validate receipt of materials and assure supplies are appropriately billed to us. Dave felt he needed to discuss the Webster-Martin bill with Stan Wilbur of Webster-Martin, Inc. in light of the water well problems being encountered.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 P.M.


Harold E. Sargent, Trustee



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