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Minutes for the April 1990 Meeting

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Minutes of April 2, 1990                                      

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on March 5, 1990 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. Those present were Mr. Damkot, trustees Douglas Keith and Harold Sargent, clerk Evelyn Sargent and operator Marc Maheux. Present from the Underhill-Jericho Fire Department were 'Chief David Tillotson and the following officers: David Berger, Mike Greenia, Tim Clerk, Brian Clark and Lee Dumas (Also in attendance was Boy Scout Steve Messier.)

The minutes of the last meeting March 5, 1990 were reviewed and accepted.

In reviewing the minutes Marc noted he still has had no contact back from John O'Brien regarding the high registered water use they complained about.

The treasurer's 'Cash Flow Statement' was reviewed and accepted as was the March 31,. 1990 report of the 'Water Supply and Distribution System Improvements Project'. The treasurer noted that one figure missing from this report was the payment of interest in the amount of $21,659.23 that was paid March 31, 1990 to the Howard Bank when we renegotiated our Bond Anticipation Note at its maturity for two new notes, a Bond Anticipation Note and a Grant Anticipation Note which will be maturing on July 31, 1990.

There was a lengthy discussion between the members of the Fire Department, the trustees and the operator regarding the operating procedures of both the Water District and the Fire Department. Of major concern was the opening of the hydrants and the resulting problem. A great many questions, concerns and clarifications were addressed. Chief Tillotson presented a list of suggestions as follows: 1. Hydant Use: a. During a fire situation; b. When the officer in charge feels the need to use the hydrant; c. During flushing of hydrants; d. If we flush a hydrant other than normal flushing times, or in a fire emergency, there will be a charge to the water department per hour for men and equipment used; e. We will not ask permission to use the hydrants; f. We will call the operator (Marc Maheux) when we operate a hydrant. 2. Hydrant flushing. We will be glad to work with you in flushing your hydrants on our training nights as we discussed. 3. We will top off all trucks at the station. The trustees were in agreement with the Chief's suggestions. The discussion was terminated with a better understanding of how each municipality works to carry out their duties to the citizens of our community.

Under the operators report Marc mentioned that we had a 14 psi partial vacuum at the well field. Beavers have a good size dam again, he suggested that Harold check this and determine if action needs to be taken. 1. Marc discussed the need to back flush the pumps and Harold suggested he pick up a new gauge when he primes the pumps. 2. The meter in the Patricia Gray (former Dumas) property has been hooked up, the pit in back of the house has been filled in and the area will be seeded soon. 3. Marc has been unsuccessful in making contact with Roger Koniuto to arrange to install a new meter at the Koniuto residence. Doug will try to make contact with the Koniuto's and get back to Marc. 4. Training on pumphouse procedures for the Board will be on April 13th with Marc down at the pump house at 7:45 A.M. 5. Marc will contact Red Hed Supply Co. to do the repairs needed on the broken hydrant on Raceway. We will need to post shut-off notices from Big-John's down Raceway for this job. 6. Marc spoke of the tank inspection; he had figures of $54.00 per hour for each of two divers and $30.00 per hour for a tender. 7. He had talked with Bob Greenia and has some charts for him. 8. The Health Department had called and advised that our fluoride was too high. Chet Willey had gotten a reading of .8ppm, and will send this into the State Health Department. 9. Ron Poor left a key to the new pump house with Marc.

Scout Steve Messier had appeared before the board previously regarding activating the water fountain in the park. After doing some further research he believes that there never was an active fountain. Instead, it seems it had been used as


a watering vessel during the time of 'horse' transportation. He had also determined it would be much top4xpensive to try and establish a fountain with a re-circulating pump. He is now actively studying the possibility of erecting a monument on the fountain. Doug suggested he look into the discarded monument over by the old D.A.R. hall.

Under old business, Doug had come prepared with plans for the updating of the curb stop location directory. Due to the late hour he did not present his proposal in detail. Plans were made for the trustees to meet on Saturday, April 7, 1990 A.M. to get started on this project.

A rough draft of a letter for the customers signature accepting financial liability for service line work to be done by our Operator and his work crew was presented by Peg and Harold Sargent for review. Some adjustments were made. As soon as all have had a chance to review and make any changes a new draft will be typed up and copies made.

Dave drew attention to the letter dated March 21, 1990 from William Armstrong of Hydro-Group requesting increases in the percentages of payments. Likewise Dave presented his letter of reply sent out on April 2, 1990. A second letter from William Armstrong dated March 16, 1990 regarding their proposal to return to the site and try to increase the capacity by high velocity hydraulic jetting was also noted. The cost of the hydro-jetting is proposed to be $13,540.00 (by Hydro-Group) to be absorbed by Hydro-Group if the specific capacity of the well is increased above 2.9 gpm/ft at a minimum 175 gpm pumping rate. Hydro-Group proposed that if the specific capacity is not increased to more than 2.9, then the District should pay the cost. Dave had spoken with Ken Gaynor of Hydro-Group who expressed the opinion that the hydro-jetting would be a waste of time and money. One suggestion was to install another well a few feet to the side of the test well. Harold voiced concern regarding the bentonite mud used in the well drilling process. One option would be to develop the test well, provided such gravel-developed well is silt - free. Ken Gaynor had indicated to Dave that the $1,000.00 cost for sampling the water quality was reasonable. Dave suggested that Webster-Martin furnish the sample bottles and pay the laboratory cost. Three different samples taken should be each divided three ways, sent to two different laboratories plus the State Health Lab: for tests on iron and manganese. Dave will contact Stan Wilbur at Webster-Martin regarding the letter from Hydro-Group and the Boards resolve. The Board will postpone it's curb stop project until later Saturday morning and will meet instead to discuss Stan Wilbur's proposals.

Under new business, discussion regarding approaching Public Service Board/Department regarding taxes paid to CVPS was postponed. Dave will take care of removing the flags from the hydrants. The hydrants are in need of painting. Doug suggested numbering them and he will check with the Fire Department to coordinate any numbering system they might have in use. Marc gave Bob Greenia more data for input into the various charts he compiles for analyzing our water flow and use. Harold had received a concern about the quality of the water from Martha Dain as she claimed she had been ill. He immediately took two bacteria samples from the system and they came out negative. Later she was concerned about sediment in her water and during a visit Harold learned she had discovered much collected debris in her kitchen faucet screen.

The monthly bills were reviewed and signed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M.

Evelyn O. Sargent, Cierk




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