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Minutes for the November 1989 Meeting

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November 6, 1989 Minutes

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on November 6, 1989 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Those present were Dave, trustees Harold Sargent and Doug Keith, clerk Peg Sargent and Marc Maheux, operator.

The minutes of the last regular meeting, October 2, 1989 were reviewed and accepted.

The financial reports of the District and the District's Project were reviewed and accepted.

The operator reported the pumps had to be reset several times due to Halloween. Marc also said he had met with Tom Woodard regarding the insulating of the pit. Tom suggested insulating the outside of the pit and under the cover. The water to the cemetery needs to be shut off, Marc will see to this. Chet Willey had advised that the fluoride reading was low. Marc has obtained fluoride crystals and adjusted the fluoridator.

Marc reminded the board that it can get new fluoride equipment from the State Health Department. Harold will take care of getting the equipment. Marc reported that Gary Lavigne needs his filter replaced. The board advised that this is Mr. Lavigne's responsibility. During meter reading, Roger noted that there is a faulty meter at the Breen residence. Marc was asked to check into this.

Under old business, Dave will contact CVPS regarding rate comparisons, and may invite Mr. Hurley of CVPS to our next meeting. The new hook-up at Patricia Gray's house was discussed and Marc was advised to connect her plumbing to the new connection. The pit has not been taken care of in the back of the property. The board agreed it cannot bill her for water until the pit is removed.

Don McClellan, a notary stopped by and notarized the CVPS Rite-of-Way papers for the board.

It was noted and agreed that we need to purchase a dolly for moving chemicals. Marc noted that the color of the hydrants should be corrected. Dave will bring this to Jim Beginski's attention. We need to remember to check on the road by Wrisley's property in the spring in case there is need of repair.

The State Health Department's plan approval letter was reviewed and the conditions of approval were noted. Harold presented a letter he had drafted to the Department of Health regarding land use adjacent to the well site. Harold will call John Hazen of the Attorney General's office regarding the deed restrictions. Harold will talk with Kris Khatri and Howard Reese regarding when they expect us to provide the record drawings. Under #6, the water system Operation and Maintenance Manual, Dave will talk with Jim Beginskito find out where this is at. Item #7, Doug will contact the Health Department for a permit application.

Doug addressed the need of an updated directory of curb stop locations, he may use tax numbers. We will need at least five sets of blueprints.

Harold noted he and Doug had picked up the old 3" discarded water pipe from the Goss property.

Steve Messier of Troop #7 of Underhill/Jericho gave a presentation of his proposed 'Eagle Service Project' to renovate the green (park) in Underhill Flats, which would include the repair and activation of the fountain. He had put a lot of work into developing his proposal and presentation and after hearing and reviewing this the board expressed their admiration for such an undertaking. Unfortunately there are several problems that would need to be addressed. The board discussed these Pitt falls and suggested he might look for other approaches to making a fountain work.

Doug and Harold will attend to getting the hydrant flags mounted by the first of December.

Harold presented a letter from the Town of Underhill Planning Commission, asking the District to send someone from the board to their next planning meeting. Harold will attend.

Harold mentioned his telephone conversation with Ray Sokol up on Maple Ridge, who was concerned about a film on the water in his toilets. He has tropical fish and was concerned about a problem for them. Harold told him he felt this was more likely a condition caused by something in the toilet tank as opposed to anything of concern in the water. Harold invited him to contact him if it shows up again so he can inspect the film.

The bills were reviewed and signed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn 0. Sargent, Clerk/Treasurer



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