Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the May 1989 Meeting

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The monthly board meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on May 1, 1989 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. In the absence of President, David Damkot, Trustee Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:13 P.M. Those present were Harold, Trustee Doug Keith, Clerk Peg Sargent and Operator, Marc Maheux.

The minutes of the last meeting on April 6, 1989 were reviewed and accepted with two spelling corrections.

The treasurer's report was reviewed and accepted.

The operators report stated that the following work has been completed; The well points have been back flushed, two well points are not functioning and are marked with orange tape. The vacuum has been reduced from 24" to 15", and the pump flow has increased from 50-110 GPM's to 130-150 GPM's. The saturator has been disassembled and cleaned. Also reported was the repaired leak on raceway, which was on the customers side of the curb stop. (Operator's report is on file with April's minutes). Marc was asked to contact Chet Willey about taking twice a week readings as follow-up after the fluoride is back on Wednesday. The raceway break was at the home of Kristyn Marchus, the clerk will bill her for the work done there, with notification that a 2nd break will require them to replace the plastic pipe.

Under old business, it has been noticed that the tank is going down between midnight and 6:00 A.M., possibility of another leak.

A copy of a letter from Webster-Martin to Hilary Jean of the Agency of Natural Resources regarding conditional approval, was reviewed. The Engineers will send in plans with a bar graph and revision dates to the ‘Health Department. The engineers will also contact Blow & Cote to see if they are interested in negotiating a contract for the Poker Hill project. Appropriation of the $70,000 grant money looks good. Also reviewed was a letter from Douglas Zorzi, Agency of Natural Resources to Mr. Jeffrey McDonald regarding the background of Hydro Group, Inc. and Seaboard Surety Co. This is being followed up by Webster-Martin and these concerns are being addressed.

Marc has received his scuba diving certification and is willing to do inspection monitoring of the tank. Harold will look into the monitoring recommendations.

Doug had checked out the I.D. school's meter and found that there is water going by the meter, due to the type of meter. There did not appear to be any leaks. Doug will also contact Lee Dumas regarding putting a meter into his folks house, as there are new tenants.

Harold has purchased a 2" Neptune meter for the fire department, and made up a sketch for installation, which he gave to Lt. Moore April 27th. Harold will follow up on the installation.

Harold will work up a design for the tie mapping indicating

1. pressure;

2. property number and

3. street or road.

It was suggested taking readings from building not telephone poles and also that the height of the shut-off be noted.

We received satisfactory responses from the shutoff notices that were sent out on April 7, 1989

The bills were reviewed and signed. Meeting adjourned at 10:43 P.M. Respectfully submitted:



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