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Minutes for the March 1989 Meeting

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The monthly board meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on March 6, 1989 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President, David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Those present were Dave, Trustees Harold Sargent and Doug Keith, Clerk Peg Sargent and Operator, Marc Maheux.

The minutes of the last meeting on Feb. 6, 1989 were reviewed and accepted.

The treasurer's report was reviewed and accepted. There was some discussion regarding the billing procedures relevant to past due accounts. There doesn't seem to be any hard rules as each individual case needs to be worked out to best suit the needs of both the district and the individual. Dave asked that he be notified when and to whom any disconnect letters are sent.

Marc reported that a new meter has been installed to replace a broken meter at the Lewis Morris residence. An outside meter has been installed at Daniel Girard's. Roger Koniuto's meter is also broken and needs replacing. The telemetry system is working fine. Fluoride samples were at 1.3ppm - good! Marc mentioned that the fluoride will be down for a couple of weeks when the well points are being cleaned out.

Mr. Charles Hurley of CVPS had been down and checked out the pump house regarding our concern for the large electric bills. He brought a copy of our KWH usage over the last two years to show comparison usage. Mr. Hurley felt that insulating the inside walls of the building would help reduce the heavy usage of the heater. A fluctuation of 70 to 125 gallons per minute was noted in looking over the pump’s on/off chart. All agreed the system is old!

Peg will write to Mr. Hurley for a similar history of power usage at the vault.

We need to take a close look at this situation and make plans to insulate the vault this summer.

March 10, 1989 at 1:00 P.M. is the date and time for the project bids to be opened at the office of our engineers, Webster-Martin.

Under other old business, there was discussion regarding the various permits for our project, it is believed all the required permits have been applied for. There has been nothing back from Labor and Industry, Harold will check on this. The Attorney agree­ment between Bergeron, Paradis, Coombs & Fitzpatrick and our Water District has been signed as of March 5, 1989. Their fee will be at a hourly rate of $90.00. Copies of the Certificate As To Title To Project Site are to be sent to FmHA and State of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

Question was raised regarding our situation with the Hudsons, Dave had been advised by our attorney that this matter could be considered closed as there is no record that the Hudsons own any land in Underhill. It was the concurrence of the Board that no further action be taken on the Hudson situation in accordance with the advice of the Board's attorney.

Water has been left running in the vacant United Church of Underhill parsonage to prevent any possibility of a freeze up. Harold made the motion that we abate any water. charge that is above the minimum charge of $25.00 for this first quarter billing. Doug seconded this motion and the motion carried.

Harold presented a letter from the Town of Underhill regarding his Feb. 15th meeting with the selectmen. They are requiring us to jack or bore under Poker Hill road for the pipe crossings, and that traffic flow be maintained during construction.

As our building permit will expire before we can start work on our project, Peg was asked to write the Town of Underhill requesting a six (6) month extension.

In reviewing 'grant eligible' bills, it was determined that the Water District has already spent $12,764.00 beyond state monies received.

Harold needs more time to select the proper meter for the Fire Department, he will have a proposal to be presented at the next board meeting.

Harold has been checking with various other water departments regarding their rate structure and billing procedures. It was noted that Essex Jct. does not charge a separate base fee for separate leased business or apartments. They do however charge their base fee for each individually owned property.

The possibility of putting in radio controls versus telephone wire controls in connection with our new project was discussed. Harold presented figures that showed it would take eight (8) or nine (9) years to realize an equal return by installing the radio control, based on $10,000. versus $2,000. plus the $45.00 monthly telephone company billings for the wire control.

Doug will check out leaky faucets at the I.D. school. The larger meters which serve the school may not be recording trickling flows.

The bills were reviewed and signed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:54 P.M.



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