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Minutes of the June 1989 Meeting

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June 5, 1989 Minutes                                          

The monthly board meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on June 5, 1989 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:07 P.M. Those present were Dave, Trustee Harold Sargent, Clerk Peg Sargent and Robert Greenia. Also present were Stan Wilbur and Jeff McDonald, engineers from Webster-Martin, Inc.

The minutes of the last meeting on May 1, 1989 were reviewed and accepted with two corrections. Insertion of the work 'check', paragraph six, reading 'regarding the background check of Hydro Group, Inc. etc.', and in paragraph nine, change to read as follows: 'Harold has obtained for the District a 2" Neptune meter etc.'

The treasurer's report was reviewed and accepted. Harold had checked with Mr. Hurley of CVPS a couple years ago and was told we missed the deadline for 'off-peak' service by three months. However, the situation may have changed back. Dave will contact CVPS to inquire about this service to see if we might avail ourselves of this cost saving rate.

Bob Greenia presented numerous graphs and charts and explained the water usage information he has compiled for the years 1985 through 1988, comparing month by month and year to year monthly usage. This was an excellent in-depth presentation, the summary of the graph findings showed our daily usage went from 85.6 M gallons in 1985 to 100.9 M gallons in 1988, with the average monthly usage going from 539 M to 706 M in the same period.

In reviewing the status of our project, our engineers advised that we are still awaiting a letter of approval from the Vermont Department of Health. A letter dated March 22 from the Agency of Natural Resources signed by Benson Sargent advised of their approval contingent on the Health Department issuing approval. Dave showed us a letter from the Health Dept. that said plans are approvable but the source hasn't been approved yet. Harold will follow up on the Health Department's approval. We have been informed by the State Department of Environmental Conservation that the additional state funds will be available July 1, 1989. The engineers recommended we start with Contract #2 with Blow & Cote. A letter was sent to Hydro Group, Inc. signed by our authorized representative, David Damkot requesting them to extend the bid valid period for Contract #1 to August 1, 1989. The board needs to contact our legal counsel regarding legal matters of borrowing funds during the construction period. Dave will contact Lester Breault to consult with him about FmHA requirements. The board asked the engineers to obtain a cost proposal from Blow & Cote regarding the Poker Hill project, with particular attention given to the cost of crossing the brook and installing one hydrant as a minimum job. Harold made the motion to authorize David Damkot as authorized representative, to sign contract #2 in the amount of  173,286.50 with the firm of Blow & Cote. Dave seconded the motion and it was carried.

There was no Operator's report. Marc had installed three new meters to replace old mal-functioning ones at Darryl LaBrie's, the Wheeler Farm Duplex and at Harold Sargent's. It was also reported that the water has been turned on at the cemetery. Water has also been turned on at the Kelley residence on Rt. 15. Dave will write a letter to Marc stating the boards policy regarding the billing of the turning on and turning off of water for customers and also the billing policy for leaks where the work becomes the responsibility of the customer. Peg will write up an agreement form letter quoting from the appropriate sections of the regulations regarding leak repairs on customers side of the curb stop. It will include a place for signed authorization from the customer. The water line repair of the leak at Brookside is complete except for some fill and seeding. Harold will contact Tom Woodard or Green Mountain Earth Care regarding this work. The fluoride reports were good.

Harold will follow up on obtaining development site maps for the tie mapping. 

This will result in five sets of plans each with all portions of the distribution system for quick reference in locating pipes. In discussion of our tighter 'past-due' policy regarding collection of delinquent accounts, it was decided to send out a warning letter to each customer with an outstanding bill as of the 15th (40 days from billing) to be followed with shut-off notices to all with delinquent bills on the 30th of June.

In reviewing the district's monthly bills it was discussed and decided to contact Tom Woodard regarding the insulation work that needs to be done at the Pump Pit at the main storage tank to help reduce the use/cost of electricity. Harold will contact Tom.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:



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