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Minutes for the January 1989 Meeting

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January 3, 1989 Minutes                                      

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on January 3, 1989 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President, David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:55 P.M. Those present were Dave, Trustee Harold Sargent and clerk, Peg Sargent.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and accepted with two spelling correc­tions and the deletion of reference to a pump at the cistern in paragraph #4, of page #1.

The financial report was reviewed and accepted with changes on the repair figures from the insurance company regarding the Royce property. The setting up of a Petty Cash account in the amount of $25.00 was approved. The clerk was asked to check on the amount still due from the state.

There was no operator report as Marc Maheux was not in attendance. There have been no problems at the pump station and the cistern has been checked and was found nearly full, the pump seems to be holding well.

Dave had not spoken to Bob Greenia recently regarding the water use charts, more charts have been found and this information needs to be given to Bob to be entered in the computer.

Dave picked up maps from Jericho, similar to the maps from Underhill, these maps need some names changed, Jericho has their print-out with lot numbers.

The 'Management Plan' is still in the works.

Dave stated that Webster-Martin had sent a letter to Bill Briely of the Department of Environmental Conservation requesting an increase in the state grant for the well project. Harold will contact Bill Briely regarding follow up.

An amended grant application packet, scope of engineer's services and cost was submitted to Marilyn Davis of the Department of Environmental Conservation by Webster-Martin.

Dave said he spoke with Stan Wilbur (our engineer) about obtaining connection fees in advance from developers, Stan said he felt certain it was legal, but we need to check with our attorney.

A letter from Mary Fell of the Underhill Town Listers was received requesting the total acreage deeded to the Water District by Mrs. Bushnell and the total acreage deeded by the Hudsons. The clerk will look up these deeds for Dave to reply to this request.

A 'Right-of-Way' deed has been drawn up by our lawyers and presented to the Hudson's lawyer, the Hudson's have refused to sign so far.

Allen Bolio has given us a curb stop tie map of his Wonderhill Development.

Doug Keith and Harold flagged the hydrants as scheduled and checked out Martha

Dain's meter, all sources were checked for leaks and it was agreed that possibly neighbor­hood children had been playing with the outside faucet. The reading on the meter for halfway through the quarter was about what it should be based on past readings.

Harold suggested it might be helpful if we knew the number of persons per household to help monitor usage. We may be loosing water thru faulty meters. It was suggested we might want to consider picking five or six random meters to be verified. It was also suggested that Roger could obtain this information the next time he reads the meters, Peg will check with Roger.

Dave talked with our insurance company, Pomerleau Insurance Agency regarding our coverage, it was decided to leave everything as it is for now. It was noted that we really should have a copy of proof of liability insurance on file from our contract service people. Peg will contact Marc Maheux and Mr. Lunderville of Road & Site.

Mr. Lester Breault of the FmHA had called Dave regarding our project and suggested we go ahead with the paper work with the original figures.

We need to be aware that there may be purchaser(s) in the works on the Bolio pro­perty.

Harold presented a letter from Dave Tillotson from the Underhill-Jericho Fire Department regarding the metering of the fire station. They suggested that the Water District purchase the meter and the Fire Department will provide the pipe, fittings, valves and labor and install the meter themselves. The board agreed to their suggestion and Peg will write Mr. Tillotson notifing him of the boards decision. Harold will offer a sketch of installation for them.

Outstanding bills were reviewed and discussed. The board suggested that a letter be drawn up to send to our delinquent customers 45 days after the billing date suggesting that they set up a monthly payment of 40% of their average (prior three months) bill. It was felt if they do not respond to this suggestion by letter or make an alternate arrangement with the clerk within five (5) days that a notice of disconnect be issued.

Harold stated that the hydrant protective guard post in front of the mill entrance on Steam Mill Road has been damaged. The concrete slab is also cracked beyond use. The board will determine the extent of the damage in the spring. The valve box was also damaged, possibly by a plow. This will require an excavation to fix it.

Harold still needs to meet with the Underhill Selectmen, per their request to explain our water system project.

Dave will see to getting the curb cut permit and the building permit from both towns.

The bills were reviewed and signed. Meeting was adjourned at 10:10 P.M.



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