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Minutes for the February 1989 Meeting

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February 6, 1989 Minutes

The monthly board meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on February 6, 1989 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President, David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:09 P.M. Those present were Dave, Trustees Harold Sargent and Doug Keith and clerk, Peg Sargent. Also present was Stan Wilbur of Webster/Martin.

The minutes of the last meeting on January 3, 1989 and also the minutes of the special meeting on January 18, 1989 were read and approved with verification of the spelling of Bill Brierley. It was noted at this time that the interest rate on our proposed FmHA loan will not exceed 7.5%.

The Treasurer's report was reviewed and accepted. The treasurer was asked to pull all previous bills and designate those directly related to the project.

The system operator had advised the Board of a problem with the telemetry telephone lines which had been taken care of. The Board advised that any bills regarding this problem should be sent to the telephone company. The United Church parsonage will be vacant after the 5th of February, therefore water must be left running in the parsonage to prevent a freeze up. Peg will bring this to the attention of the church's Executive Committee.

Stan Wilbur was present to discuss the new well project, Dave had met with Stan two weeks prior and an application had been submitted to the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation for state funding in the amount of $115,000. plus the additional $70,000., the additional $70,000. requested in state grant monies will only be available in Fiscal 1990 money provided the Legislature (1989) approves the request. If there have to be cuts, a priority list will need to be developed. Al Lewis, representing the Department of Environmental Conservation will review the engineering services and responsibilities of participating parties with the Board and Webster/Martin at a later date. It was suggested that he be put on the agenda after the project is ready to go. The 'Advertisement For Bids' has been sent into the Burlington Free Press and will be printed in the legal section on Feb 8th, 15th and 22nd, 1989. The Board accepted the engineering plans and contract documents with the understanding that any changes the board or state requires will be made by the engineers. Dave, as Authorized Representative, signed the cover sheets. Stan presented the board with Webster/Martin's Basic Agreement For Engineering Services Construction Phase. This was reviewed by the Board and Harold made the motion that the Board pass a resolution to accept the planning document by Webster/Martin. Doug seconded the motion and the motion was carried. There are three copies of this agreement, which was dated the 6th of February 1989 and these required the signatures of all of the Trustees. One copy is to be sent to the State Department of Environmental Conservation, one copy is for Webster/Martin and one copy is for the Board. Harold emphasized the importance of having the contractors under surveillance by the engineers. Stan estimated that this would take a full time person for 10 weeks and a half time person 6 weeks. A Plan Review Application was signed for submission to the Department of Labor and Industry along with a full set of plans and a check in the amount of $150. (for electrical and mechanical units - $3.00 per thousand).

Harold briefly reviewed how he'll set up the Management Plan which is started and underway, but on hold until after the well has been pump tested. The Department of Health looks for completion of this plan after the final pump test has been performed and other pertinent field information is obtained.

Dave had contacted Bob Greenia and Bob gave him charts he had compiled showing the average monthly water usage. Dave will ask Bob to attend one of our meetings so he might explain in detail this information.

Doug has the tax maps for the tie charts from both towns. He needs to get together with Harold to work on this project.

Dave noted that a letter had been sent to Mary Fell with the requested information regarding the acreage acquired for the water project from Mary Bushnell and Merton and Grace Mills.

Harold plans to meet with the Underhill selectmen to review and present them with a set of our project plans. He will also clarify the expiration date of our previously obtained building permit.

Doug voiced a concern regarding the competence of the installers of the meter at the Fire Station. This needs to be followed up. Harold will pick up a meter for the Fire Department.

Dave presented a copy of a letter to the FmHA signed by J. Paul Giuliani indicating his firm's approving legal opinions relevant to our project.

Under other old business, it was noted that Mr. Bushey's problem with 'meter reading time' seems to be under control. A $50.00 check had been received from Mt. Girard as a deposit on an outside reader, Marc will install this and collect the $50.00 balance due at the time of installation.

A motion was made that the Board require a 50% deposit from anyone requesting the installation of an outside reader and the balance to be paid at the time of installation. Doug seconded this and the motion was carried. Peg will contact Mr. Girard regarding the installation and also will write Charles Blair, who had indicated an interest in having an outside reader. Lewis Morris' meter is broken and needs replacement. Peg will contact Marc to attend to all of these matters. Harold will check the meter 'that comes off' at the James Berard residence. Doug will check to see if there seems to be a problem at the Donald Langlois residence.

Harold presented a letter from the Bond Bank regarding general information.

It was suggested that Roger be invited to appear before the Board with any pertinent information regarding his meter reading job. Doug will check with Roger and if he so wishes, will call ahead to put Roger on the agenda.

The bills were reviewed and signed. Peg was asked to contact both the telephone company Sand the electric company to try and get explanations regarding our use of these utilities. Harold suggested that insulating the vault up by the tank would be one way to help reduce these bills.

Dave advised the Board that both developers, Frank VonTurkovich and Peter Hartwick had contacted him regarding the status of our project.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:33.



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