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Minutes for the December 1989 Meeting

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December 4, 1989 Minutes


The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on December 4, 1989 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:04 P.M. Those present were Dave, trustees Harold Sargent and Doug Keith and clerk, Peg Sargent.

The minutes of the last regular meeting November 6, 1989 were reviewed and with the correction of 'Rite-of-Way' to 'Right-of-Way', were accepted.

The financial reports of the District and also the financial report of the District's Construction Project were reviewed and accepted.

In reviewing last month's minutes, the following was noted: Dave had contacted Mr. Hurley of CVPS and he will be on the January meeting agenda. Dave noted that the wrong-colored new hydrant will be re-painted the correct color.

Harold showed the board a memo he had presented to the State Health Department requesting new fluoridation equipment for the new control building. Approval of the equipment purchase has been received from the State Health Department Dental Division.

Harold had contacted John Hazen of the Attorney General's office regarding the deed restrictions and advised that he was informed that the board need not change their deeds too restrict use of the well site. 

Dave had spoken to Jim Baginski about the Maintenance Manual. It was not clear how that was left.

Doug had obtained the Permit to Operate a Public Water System Application from the Department of Health. Harold noted he has five sets of plans of our complete water distribution system, except for 'Wonderhill Estates'. He will follow-up with Allen Bolio. Doug addressed the curb stop mapping project. He hopes to get a 'game' plan set up for a spring start. He will check with the Fire Department regarding use of their house numbering system on our maps (to be). The board consensus was that perhaps each trustee could work with a hired assistant Saturdays next summer so this important and necessary project can be completed. The hydrant flags are up and we need to purchase 6 additional ones. Peg will check with Marc about ordering these flags. Dave attended the monthly Underhill Planning Commission meeting by invitation of Irene Linde, which turned out a wasted effort, as questions or discussion of our water system were not introduced into their meeting, as had been indicated was to be.

Marc Maheux was not present so there was no monthly operator's report. Dave will speak to Marc about having a written report for our meetings if he is not able to be present.

Under old business the project approval letter has been reviewed and the necessary steps are being or have been taken care of. Dave will check with Marc regarding Tom Woodard's insulation work in the storage tank vault. Dave will check the pit if the insulation work has been done.

Scout Steven Messier was not in attendance to further discuss his proposed 'Village Green' project. The board discussed Steve's proposal. One member suggested he might use a recirculating pump with perhaps a periodic change of water as it becomes turbid or colored. The board agreed not to allow tapping into the water main or a continuous feed because of the cost and waste of water.

In discussing Hydro Group's request for a time extension, the board could not make a final decision because additional cost estimates were not presented. In general, the board felt the extension could be granted as long as there were no extra costs to the District. Basically the penalty should defray extra costs of engineering. Stan Wilbur of Webster-Martin will work-up some figures and the board will need to meet again when Webster-Martin has that information.

Under other new business, Harold and Doug had addressed some questions that Dave Tillotson had regarding the billing of the Fire Department for water use. Chief Tillotson was satisfied with their explanation that it was the Fire Department's choice to be metered so they paid only for water used which all had agreed would be less than the $500.00 from each town annually (Jericho & Underhill). Also mentioned was the need of the board members to go with Marc sometime to see how the pumps are re-set at the pump house No. 1 when they are tripped off by sudden heavy draft.

Harold reported that Roger Koniuto advised him that he wished to resign from his water reading position. Dave placed a notice in the paper seeking someone to replace Roger.

Robert Hill had called regarding the plowing of the new site, Harold will contact him to plow the new road.

The bills were reviewed and signed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:59 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:


Evelyn (Peg) Sargent, Clerk/Treasurer



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