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Minutes of the August 1989 Emergency Meeting

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Emergency meeting August 22 1939

The trustees of the Jericho-Underhill Water District met in an emergency meeting at 8:03 A.M. at David and Sharon Damkot's home to consider a proposal, by contractor Blow & Cote, Inc. of Morrisville, to construct a portion of Contract No. 3 to replace old deteriorating small diameter water line from the end of the 8" main near Orville and Arretta Wrisley's house to across Roaring Brook to Poker Hill Road. Their proposal is for $19,495.00, which the Board understands would be done in accordance with the approved plans and contract documents. The proposal is for D.I. pipe, Class 52.

A motion was made by Harold Sargent and seconded by Doug Keith "to accept the offer by Blow & Cote Inc. to construct the 8" D.I. replacement line to the foot of Poker Hill in accordance with contract No. 3 for $19,495.00 at interest rate of 9%per annum until we obtain monies to pay them for the job". The motion was passed unanimously.

Discussion of the motion included a contention that the Poker Hill portion of the project was originally presented to the voters and held out as a part of the new project because of low pressure problems and a history of numerous water leaks and is being done as a replacement line and is in the best interests of the district to do this work.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:29 A.M. Recorded by Harold Sargent




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