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Minutes of the April 1989 Meeting

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April 6, 1989 Minutes                                         

The monthly board meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on April 6, 1989 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President, David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:03 P.M. Those present were Dave, Trustee Doug Keith, Clerk Peg Sargent, Stan Wilbur and Jim Baginski, engineers from Webster-Martin and also developer, Peter Hartwick. Trustee Harold Sargent was also in attendance later.

The minutes of the last meeting on March 6, 1989 were reviewed and accepted.

The treasurer's report was reviewed and accepted, noting that we had received our refund from the insurance company for damage done at the Royce property.

There was no system operator's report, no problems had been reported.

Doug made the motion that the board set a rental fee of $25.00 per day for use of the steam machine for thawing frozen lines by Marc. Dave seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

Stan Wilbur and Jim Baginski were in attendance to review the project bids received on March 10, 1989. Stan returned the districts old, years past drawings, these were later turned over to Harold for use with the tie maps of the district. A letter from the Project Manager, Jeffrey McDonald was presented to the board with Webster-Martins' recommendations. A bid of $129,840.00 for Contract No. 1 was received from Hydro Group, Inc., Layne Wells and Pump Division of Dracut, MA was recommended by the engineers and explained in their letter. This exceeded the engineer's estimate by $9,840.00 or 8.2%. There were eleven bids for Contract No. 2, the low bid of $173,286.50 was submitted by Blow and Cote, Inc. of Morrisville, VT. This was $47,713.30 or 21.2% below the engineers estimated bid. Upon questioning by the board of the qualifications of both bidders, Stan stated that Webster-Martin had worked with both firms in the past and had also made inquiries of other engineering firms regarding their experiences with these bidders and he assured the board of their credibility. According to the revised Project Cost Summary the project will require an additional $51,034.70 in State grant monies and an additional $20,537.77 in local funds. And althou the actual cost is anticipated to be less, we still need to show we have the $20,537.77 available. By borrowing for the full amount of the bond we should be able to cut the interest cost considerably by investing the borrowed funds.

The bids can be held until June 8, 1989 and the engineers suggested we start with Contract No. 1, then wait for state approval of additional funds to put out Contract No. 2. Layne, Contract No. 1, can start as soon as possible. There was some discussion of the possibility of getting the road to the site done by Contract No. 2 by paying them for this work ahead of time.

We should know about the additional $70,000.00 requested for capital funds from the state by the first of May. When they can be spent will depend on the state regulations. If it becomes necessary we can issue a Notice of Intent for 30 additional days to hold Contract No. 2. The board asked the engineers to ask Blow & Cote, Inc. for a bid on Contract No. 3. The board also asked the engineers to answer the Town of Underhill's request regarding the road borings, as it is anticipated the equipment will be ineffective to carry out their request.

Copies of the engineers letter along with bids and financial summary were given to the trustees for them to look over and the board will meet Tuesday, March 11th at 7:30 A.M. at the Brick Bakery to determine their action.

Peter Hartwick, who was in attendance to discuss his building project on Raceway indicated he found the engineers presentation was very informative for him also.

He questioned the connection fee and was assured that there was a single connection fee althou the line will be reconnected to form a loop. He asked the board to keep him informed of our estimated time schedules as we progress with the project.                                                        

Other old business included a usage chart from Mr. Hurley of CVPS for the vault meter.

We have received an extension of nine months on our building permit from the Town of Underhill, the new expiration date to be January 2, 1990.

Doug had checked the I.D. School and found no leaks, there may be a problem with the meter.

Dave will speak to Marc about the non-functioning meter at Koniuto's.

As there is likely to be new occupants in Tilly Dumas' house, Doug will see that a water meter is installed at the appropriate time.

Harold mentioned that Al Morse had contacted him in regard to the new poles that the telephone/power company is installing, there will need to be new tie adjustments made before the old poles are gone. Doug and Harold will attend to this matter.

Harold has purchased a water meter for the Fire Station and he will work up a rough sketch of installation for them to follow.

Dave will see to the gathering up of the hydrant flags.

Under new business, Dave had a number of letters to bring to the boards attention. A letter from the Health Department indicated they had received no sample in January. Harold said there had been a January sample and he would follow this through.

A letter dated Feb 8, 1989 was received from the State of Vermont Department of Labor and Industry with their approval of our Pump Control Building. Accompanying the letter was a Inspection Request form that must be completed and mailed to them at least 15 days prior to occupancy of the building. Harold made the motion the clerk send a copy of the letter and form to Webster-Martin. Dave seconded the motion and it was carried.

A letter about a 'Northeast Rural Water Association' meeting in Portsmouth, N.H. on April 13th regarding rates, billings, etc., was passed on to the trustees.

There was a letter from the State of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation requesting a letter from the board, stating the Board of Trustees has reviewed and accepted the final design and construction documents and request the final payment under the Engineering Planning Advance. This has already been completed in a letter dated Feb. 6, 1989. Harold will check on this matter. There was also a letter from the same agency, signed by Jay Rutherford with their approval of the Construction Services Engineering Agreemnet.

Also received was the Preliminary Eligibility Determination letter from the Department of Environmental Conservation dated March 21, 1989 signed by William Brierley.

We received copies of FmHA form Certificate As To Title To Project Site signed by our counsel, Vincent A. Paradis.

Outstanding water bills were reviewed and shut-off notices were indicated. The clerk requested that a letter be drafted regarding the rules and regulations of payment of the water bills and the shut-off procedure and costs, as an alert to our customers that we will be imposing said rules and regulations.

Dave inquired about the possibility of a tenant in the Binex property, Peg will call on this.

The District's bills were reviewed and signed. Meeting adjouned at 10:07 P.M.

Respectively submitted:





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