Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the October 1988 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on October 3, 1988 . In the absence of David Damkot, Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. Those present were Harold, Doug Keith, Sue Carter and Marc Maheux.

Minutes were reviewed and amended to read: Marc was in attendance at the September 6 meeting and that the Pelchat line was partially inspected by Marc, part was already covered by the time Marc inspected it

The letters referred to in Paragraph 11 are for identification of contractual representatives of the District.

The minutes were accepted with the above amendments. The financial report was reviewed and accepted.

Operator's Report. Marc reported a leak in the Corrigans service line. The Corrigans have been notified that this lien must be replace and replaced with copper piping. Marc has submitted a cost estimate to the Water District for this work. If the Corrigans wish to utilize the Water District's service they will ask for the estimate.

Fisher Porter was here on September 29. They spent a couple of hours with Marc and worked on the telemetry system. Marc feels it is working 95% better than prior to the visit by Fisher Porter.

Marc will do some work on the well points. He hopes he can do it in less than a week. Marc said the water usage reading on Thursday, 9/29 was 122 thousand gallons.

Tie maps have been done on Big Johns and Palmer Lane.

Chet reported that the fluoride reading was down a bit. The inside of the fluoridation components should be drained down and cleaned.

The padlocks have been picked up and will be put on.

On the main tank under the cover there is a hornet nest. Marc will take care of them when the weather gets colder.

Marc has not had a chance to write anything on the system operator's job description.

Old Business: The storage shed at well site 1 has been scraped and stained with a white stain by Chet Willey. Windows have been covered by polyethylene sheet plastic. Paint that was scraped off contained 121/2% lead. The State Health Lab advised that leaving this material on the soil would not pose a problem because it is relatively insoluble to rain water.

Doug has nothing on the tie distances. Harold said that he could get some useable mylars at $15.00 a sheet. He does not know how many sheets to get because he cannot find any plans for the District.

Doug met with Mrs. Stout about what had been done with landscaping their property. She thought the work had not been done, however, the Board feels that the work has been satisfactorily taken care of and that it is the property owners decision on how it should be maintained.

The Board received a reply from the Fire Department to Harold's letter. The Fire Department asks that the Board notify them when the tank falls below 120,000 gallons.

Harold has drafted a letter to David Tillotson explaining the cost o installing a meter at the fire house. Total cost will be $860.00, $350.00 for a meter and $510.00 for labor per estimate from Marc.

The fluoride reading consistently reads .35 parts per million lower than the State test readings. Chet has been made aware of this.

Harold called Allen Bolio on September 7 and advised him that the Board was looking for tie distances. He said that he would do it but has been very busy. Harold will call him again.

Harold sent a memo to Dave Damkot offering to write a management plan to satisfy the States and the District's interest. The memo also asked for proof of ownership to properties and deed to right of way from Mary Bushnell. Harold has everything but the deed to right of way. Once he has this it should satisfy Hilary Jean.

The berm work that the Board previously discussed as being done has been done. Harold has requested authorization of payment ($270.00) for work done by Ken Mitchell.

New Business: Harold picked up one 8' x 1/2" x 6" clapboard at Nadeaus and will install it on the north side of the storage building.

Harold picked up a gallon of oil based primer paint for the shed. Harold would like to purchase that paint from the District since it is no longer needed for the shed. The Board voted to allow Harold to buy the gallon of paint.

Harold read a letter from Jackie Thompson of the Jericho Planning and Zoning Board asking for a form to be filled out on inventory of capital items and plans for the new proposed project. Harold will take care of filling out the form and returning it to Jericho.

Marc has agreed to draft a water system operator job description and present it to the President.

Peter Hartwick's wife came to the meeting and gave the Board the site and detail plan that he had promised the Board at the last meeting.

The Clerk will contact the Corrigans and ask if they wish to have an estimate from the District on cost to replace their service line.

The meeting adjourned at 10:07 p.m.



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