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Minutes for the November 1988 Meeting

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November 7, 1988 Minutes

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on November 7, 1988. President, David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:10 P.M. Those present were Dave, Harold Sargent, Doug Keith, operator Marc Maheux and clerk, Peg Sargent.

Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and accepted with two spelling corrections. The financial report was reviewed and accepted.

Two sets of tie maps were presented, one for the safe deposit box and one for Doug's files. Harold suggested that the original system plans of 1971 can be used for updating. Marc mentioned letter/number coding as a way to identify property as the towns have been doing. Doug will check with the towns for code numbers and also check with Edwin T. Moore II, who helped the town of Underhill set up their tax maps. Harold suggested that Marc take tie dimensions whenever he has to work on the service lines.

Marc reported on the recent leak repairs and relevant chargebacks. The Corrigan's service pipe has been replaced with type K copper, a new meter added and remote outside meter reader. This work was all paid for direct to Marc. The work on the Royce property has been completed by Marc and the owner paid Marc direct which is our practice. The Royce property damage should be taken care of by Water District's insurer. Both Marc and Harold have had contact with the insurance company's adjuster, Mark Welch. (229-9223) The insurance adjuster was on site and accessed the damage with Marc. On the Palmer Lane break a slice in the black plastic service line to Bob Greenia's was found and repaired. There was also a broken 2" valve in the 2" PVC main where it connects to the 6" AC main on Palmer Lane. The valve was changed to a ball type valve and these repairs have been completed. A possible leak was found on Maple Ridge near the 1st house on the right above the tank. A whole connection was repaired and bedded with sand.

More Fluoride crystals are to be delivered. Chet Willey had advised he got a 0.9 ppm result on Nov 6, 1988.

Problems that the meter reader, Roger Koniuto encountered were discussed. No change on the meters at Lewis Morris' and at Mary Menard's, Marc will check these out. The meter reading is wrong at the Roland Pelchat's, Doug will look into this problem. Roger also had noted that the meter at James Berard's home comes off, Marc will check this out. The remote meter at the 4-apartment house across from Jacob's store was covered according to Roger. The clerk will send a meter card and letter.

Dave asked Marc if he would complete the recording Charts for Bob Greenia. Marc will do this.

Marc said he felt redeveloping the well points will have to be put on hold until spring due to his work load.

Doug advised there is slow progress on updating the tie maps. Harold offered to help. Discussion centered around attempts to use the new tax maps of the two towns to help with this project.

Harold spoke with Ken Mitchell who put in a berm between the well field berm and the storage shed foundation. This should help divert spring run-off away from the road and yard. Harold hadn't written the "management plan" required for state approval of the new proposed project. Discussion centered around burial of dead farm animals upgrade from the well site by the David Sullivan farm family.

Stan Wilbur and Jeff McDonald, engineers of Webster-Martin, presented the board with the latest cost estimates for the New Well and Poker Hill Projects. The local share is now estimated to be $507,000, the bond was set at $406,000. In summary, the engineers feel they underestimated the project costs during preliminary engineering estimating. The engineers indicated we were about $50,000 short of enough money to fund the project if we get the increase in state aid ($115,000 to $185,000). They recommended two (2) contracts, one being the Poker Hill job in case that had to be cut in order to have a project. One option discussed was to be prepared to advertise for another bond issue to cover the expected increased bonding needs. That to take place during the 60 or 90 day bid period. A grant application to the Department of Environmental Conservation had been prepared by the-engineers and was signed by the trustees. There was discussion of using local contractors to construct the improvements, but bonding might be difficult for them to obtain. Impact fees were discussed, but it was believed that only a city or town can assess them. It was mentioned that the present connection fees ($1500 per house connection) to some extent could serve to build up a fund to help repay bonds.

Harold made the motion that the Board make application to the state for financial assistance in the amount of $185,000 as recommended by the engineers (Webster-Martin) with David Damkot as the authorized agent. Doug seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

Other old business: Doug mentioned that the unmowed Stout property has been mowed. Harold noted the 8" to 10" high curb stop at the Stouts needs to be adjusted to grade level. The Pelchat's curb stop also needs fixing. Marc will be contacted to lower them. Harold will re-contact Dave Tillotson regarding the cost estimate for a new meter at the Fire Station. Harold spoke with Allen Bolio on October 26, 1988 and he said he would get the tie distance information before snow flies.

Doug mentioned that he had been contacted by Mr. Bushey regarding Roger's reading the meter after .7:30 P.M. Doug will talk with Roger. Dave will write Mr. Girard regarding his refusing Roger admission to read their meter.

There was discussion of the billing procedures for buildings with 1, 2 or more businesses. It was decided to bill for only the number of businesses actually occupying the building. This needs to be addressed and a policy adopted to make it clear how these facilities will be billed.

It was also noted that Marc will be asked to stay until all the bills are signed to help with clarification of his bills.

Peg was asked to contact Lila Slayton at Webster-Martin Inc. regarding the status of our bill with them, and also to find out if Webster-Martin has sent a copy of the bill to the state. Final payment can only be made to them upon receipt of a state check. The clerk was also asked to contact Pomerleau Insurance regarding bills relating to the damage at the Royce property.


Dave noted that future meetings will be adjourned by at least 11:00 P.M. The meeting adjourned at 11:40 P.M.



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