Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the January 1988 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho- Underhill Water District was held on. January 4, 1988. In the absence of David Damkot, Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Those present included Trustee Harold Sargent, Trustee Doug Keith, Clerk Sue Carter and Marc Maheux, operator, for part of the meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted. The financial report was reviewed and accepted.

Notice to Users: Harold will contact David to remind him that he offered to write a letter regarding increased water rates and purchase of land. The new regulations will be mailed with the 4th quarter billing.

Certification of Vote on Rules: Sue will prepare documents of certification of the Board's resolution to revise the regulations, of the advertising and the favorable vote.

Water Service to Woodin. The Woodins on Rt. 15 just south of the former R & J Boomhower house have disconnected from their cellar the water supply plumbing which was capped off by a seated 1/2" cap. They are now connected to our system and should be charged a $25.00 hookup fee.

Sacco water use and leak repair needs: The Board investigated the Sacco's high 3rd quarter meter reading (229,000 gal.) on 12/12/87 but could come to no explanation of the excessive use. Marc tested two water samples that Harold collected, one representing the downstairs lavatory and the other from water issuing from the ground near the yard hydrant. The tap water registered a 1.3 ppm F and the ground water, 0.5 ppm indicating a strong likelihood that the issuing ground water is a leak in a water line most likely being diluted by ground water which is prevalent in that area. Background fluoride fluctuates between 0 and 0.1 ppm F. The Board decided to have Marc replace the meter immediately, unless he finds a normal reading on checking it. The Board will have to wait until Spring to search for the possible leak.

Old Business: Marc reported that there have been very few problems in the system.

New Water System: The District has the go ahead to proceed with the project from the State Health Department. They have conditioned their approval on the District developing a management plan to see what area farmers are doing on their property to keep pesticide use down. They also suggest that the District put in an observation well next to the new site. Money is available once the engineers submit their final design and it is approved by the State. Marc has asked the Board to let him know how much time the Board wants of him once the project is started so that he can plan his time. This question, will he put on the agenda for the February meeting.

Doug reported that the three families who had not signed the right-of-way agreement on Palmer Lane still have not done so. The Bleakleys are the only family that seem to be hedging on signing. Doug will have the other two families signed in the next two weeks.

Marc tries to get two fluoride readings for the State a month. The State requires the testing to be done once a week. Harold strongly feels that the testing should be done once a week and would like to have it discussed in February.

New Business: Harold will discuss the Webster-Martin bill with Jeff McDonald and Stan Wilbur at Webster-Martin. The remainder of the bills were reviewed and signed.

As per a memo from Hilary Jean, environmental engineer with the Health Department, an aquifer monitoring well and proof of control of the well site with 200' radius should be put into effect as part of a management plan. It must include a monitoring well located between well site and farmland to serve as an early warning for contaminants.

Old Business: Harold wrote Mr. Hurley of CVPS to see if the District would be eligible for off peak rates, however, he said there are no longer any off peak rates offered.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40.



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