Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the February 1988 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on February 1, 1988. David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Those present included President, David Damkot, Trustees Harold Sargent and Doug Keith and Clerk, Sue Carter.

The minutes of the last meet were reviewed. The first paragraph on page 2, last sentence was amended to read: It must include a monitoring well located between well site and farmland to serve as an early warning for contaminants. The minutes were accepted as amended. The financial statement was reviewed and accepted.

Old Business: The Department of Health tested two samples, previously sampled by Marc, from the Sacco property for fluoride content. Their results: 1.3 ppm F from the lavatory and 0 ppm F. from the water issuing from the ground. This suggests that there is not a leak. David suggests the District take a sample again in the spring.

Marc is doing the fluoride reading twice a month. A discussion took place on the subject of testing and the Board decided they would do the testing on a rotating basis once a week. Doug will speak with Chester Willey about taking on the fluoride reading once a week since Marc has indicated that he does not have the time for a once a week testing. Harold will begin the reading by getting the kit from Marc.

David received letters from Marilyn Davis dated 1/18 and 1/22 informing the District that monies are available and we will be receiving a check with 2 to 3 weeks for $7,800. David has notified the engineers that they can get started.

Marc indicated that he would like to know what is expected of him as an operator at the time the project is underway. A discussion took place on whether the engineers will do their own inspecting and if we hire our own inspector, what kind of qualifications does he have to have. A talk with our engineers will answer these questions. David will speak with Marc.

Harold spoke of the Webster-Martin bill of $1,838.68. He feels the Board has no choice but to pay it; however, he feels that it took them a greater amount of time than necessary for this work but they do have the time documented.

Palmer Lane: Doug has signatures from everyone but the Bleakleys.

Regarding the letters sent to the two towns asking for $500 to be budgeted for Fire Department use, both towns refused the amount saying the District should go through the Fire Department board. August will probably be a good time for someone from the Water District board to speak to the Fire Department board.

David has a request from a water user that Roger Koniuto not read his meter after 8:00 p.m. David said how hard Roger was working to get meters read so we could get the regulations out.

David brought up a letter he received from Paradis, Coombs, & Fitzpatrick stating that it would be a good idea if the District get a Quit Claim deed from the Hudsons for a small piece of land that is east of the Underhill Town line.

Bills were reviewed and signed. Meeting adjourned at 9:25.



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