Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the September 1987 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho Underhill Water District was hell on Sept 8, 1987. President David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. Those present included David, Trustee,

Harold Sargent, Trustee Doug Keith and Clerk, Sue Carter.

Minutes of the previous were distributed and read. Paragraph #II was amended to read, "The Board voted unanimously to pay Sue $50.00 for time spent at the polls."

A motion was made that the minutes be accepted with the above amendment.

David clarified the point that the Roskam's connection has only a new meter on the barn.

New Business:

Palmer Lane. A Quick Claim deed was drawn up with McGaughnea's Bleakley's and Harnois's name on it for their signatures. Mark and David have thought that the new pipe may encrouch on other Property owners so that their names should be added to the deed. It was discussed whether a curb stop should be placed on each side of the road for each land owner.

Von Turkovich Zoning Hearing. Harold and David attended an Underhill Zoning Board hearing brought about by butting land owners and the water District to consider inadequacies in design on the Von Turkovich development just north of the water wells. The District requested that the State and Town take extraordinary precautions that anything built there should be tightly sealed so that sewage leakage will be avoided and to insure that the leach field will not be hydrologically overloaded and fail. The hearing was continued and a decision will be made on September 10.

Computerization. Rob Greenia has offered to put information pertinent to the Water District onto a computer. The fire department has a code for each house that could be useful information along with water usage for each household.

David has a real concern over the state mandated foride testing cost charged by mark of $25.00 a month. He proposed that the Board take over this reading. Harold and Doug feel. it is a system charge and Marc should continue the readings.

Berm Diversion Pank. Harold stated that Ken Mitchell had spoken

to him about cleaning the ditches and berming the area as a water diversion method. He also spoke of winterizing the wells. The best way to winterize would be to put a Jazzwell seal down.

Harold also said that a concrete tile covering was another possibility.

A third alternative is to pipe the well water toward the brook.

Harold will look into the cost of each possibility.

David has written a letter to each of the homeowners requesting hook up to the system explaining the Board's position on the moratorium. Sue will type and send out.

Harold has checked the rusty switch box and he spoke with CVPS. They have not gotten back to him.

Land Survey. The Land survey produced by Norman Rice shows that there are four parcels of land in Question. Parcel A, 0.9 acres in Jericho and Parcel B, 0.8 acres in Underhill are owned by Mary

Bushnell and Parcel C, 0.5 acres In Underhill and Parcel D, 1.6 acres In Jericho owned by Merton and grace Mills. The Board had a discussion whether purchasing the mills property needs to be brought before a District vote.

Harold made a motion that the Board pass a resolution to buy the well site property as soon as the State Health Department has approved the well site. David seconded.

David asked the question, why is anyone questioning the well site after all the testing that has been done? Harold went on to tell the Board about the process of engineers to Doug Zorzie to State Health Department. Somewhere along the line some question the Health Department had had not been answered, thus the wait for Health Department approval. Harold said he will try to do a quick and Dirty resolution for the District rather than having Webster-Martin doing it.

The motion was brought to vote. The resolution was defeated by a vote of 2 to 1.

Doug made a motion to pass a resulution that the Board purchase the well site property as soon as Practicable. Harold seconded the resolution.

The motion passed by vote of 2 to 1.

Rules and Regulations. The rules and regulation were gone over and discussed.

Bills were signed.

Meeting adjourned at 12:05 a.m.



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