Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the November 1987 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on November 2, 1987. President, David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. Those present included David, Trustee Harold Sargent Trustee, Doug Keith and Sue Carter.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. The financial statement was read and accepted.

Harold reported that the new regulations will not go into effect for 60 days, December 25, 1987.

It was discussed as to when the new rates should go into effect. It was decided that the new rates would be instituted on January 1, 1988. A copy of the amended revised regulations would be sent out to each ratepayer.

David and Doug expressed thanks to Harold for his work of creating the newly amended regulations for our District and as a guide to other water districts in the State.

David reported that he is regularly overseeing the cistern and it seems to be running OK at this time.

A service line leak at Buel Metcalf's home has been fixed.

The rusted electrical box has been fixed. CVPS cut the power and Marc replaced the rusted junction box.

Harold will find someone to paint the new wood on the storage shed.

Doug reported progress on Palmer Lane. He also said that Mike

McGaughnea does not want to sign the easement because he feels that if the pipe is not on his land, why sign. Everyone seems willing to go along with the easement; it is just a metter of getting everyone together with Don McClellan, Notary Public, to sign.

Doug reported that pavement repairs by the Town crews have been completed by this time of year. Jericho said they would be willing to pave the sidewalk at the Kingsbury property when they begin that type of work again in the spring. Doug said he would fill in the hole at the Kingsbury site with gravel.

David reported that the Bushnell deed for the land acquisition has been signed but it only happened today, November 2. It was noted that the Bushnell site would be hooked up with water as well as the barn free of charge but that the owner would be responsible for usage charges. The Mills deed has also been signed.

Roger Koniuto hit a bicycle with his car while reading meters and the ratepayer deducted the cost of repir from their water bill. The Board agreed that this cannot be done. They must pay their water bill for usage and be reimbursed by the District or Roger for damages. Roger will be asked if his insurance will cover this.

David has had two inquiries from developers. One call was in regards to the Allen & Alona Bolio property. The developer said he got the impression from Allen that the development "Wonderhill" can have water. The Board, however, stands by its decision for limited connections in accordance with the modified limited moratorium.

NO formal request has been made from Mr. Woodin who called about a hook up to the system. David and Harold will stop by and look at the piping to that home.

David read a letter from John Kordish requesting hook up to the municipal water system. Harold made a motion to deny the request for new water connection by Kordish/Mills because it does not meet the criteria set forth by the limited moratorium. Doug seconded the motion. It was unanimously passed.

David will write a letter to Mr. Kordish and the Mills regarding this matter.

The Board agreed that though there is not imminent need now for the Kordish/Mills hook up it is the type of situation which might be accommodated when the District owns the land and has approval from the State to proceed.

David will draft a letter to Roland Pelchat about replacing his line with copper piping because of two breaks caused by inferior plastic.

Harold reported that the Department of Health wants more information on pesticides in our area because the EPA has become much more conservative on what they think is acceptable.

Bills were reviewed and signed.

Harold feels there is a need to meet with the Fire Department chief to discuss the complete loss of water in the tank at the time of a major fire. He would like to see them agree to having someone monitor the tank to see that it is not drawn down to nothing.

Harold feels the District should put in a request to the Towns for a budgeted amount of money for use of water by the Fire Department.

Both topics will be discussed at the next regular meeting.

Doug will take care of putting flags on the hydrants before snow plowing begins.

The meeting adjourned at 10:20.



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