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Minutes of the March 1987 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was called to order at 7:10 on March 2, 1987 by Chairman, David Damkot.

Those present at the meeting were David Damkot, Doug Keith, Harold Sargent, Sue Carter and Alan Bolio.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the last meeting as submitted.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the financial report as submitted.

Old Business:

Marc related to David that there were difficulties with the line from the tank to the cistern causing it to empty after the cold snap at the end of February. The homes connected to this line were without water for overnight. The next day the line freed up.

There was a frozen line under Park Street to the Crocker's home. The Board decided to ask the Crocker’s to run a pencil stream of water in their home for the month of March to help prevent another freeze up and to save the District money in dig up charges. We will bill the Crocker’s as in past Marches.

Marc also related that the Fisher Porter parts are still not in.

Harold reported that there are still pressure fluctuations. Harold said he had purchased a gauge to place in his home to keep an eye on these fluctuations. A motion was made and seconded to approve the expenditure of $4.55 to cover the cost of the gauge.

Bills were reviewed and signed.

A discussion took place on a bill received from Hydro Group dated 12/29/86 for a cement sanitary seal. Webster-Martin said this is not part of the contract and should be paid directly. The Board is not sure that this is in fact not part of the contract and at which site this seal pertains; however, they agreed the bill should be paid as submitted and would not be State refunded.

A Webster-Martin bill submitted for $7156.32 for a second amendment to the basic contract. David spoke with Webster-Martin saying he did not want to pay until it was clear that the State would refund. Webster-Martin sent a letter to Mrs. Davis of the State with a follow-up letter two weeks later asking for State funding. Nothing has been heard from the State on this matter. The Board agreed not to move on this bill until something comes from the State. David will call Doug Zorzi about the bill.

Doug reported that ten homeowners responded to his request for entry into the District boundaries. Only three of the ten are not presently served by the District. Sue will put the original responses in the safe deposit box.

Doug also reported that he had gotten no concerned responses regarding the system boundaries.

A discussion took place on the checklist compilation. If we have a checklist from each Town and if a voter contends he or she wants to vote and they are on the Town checklist and reside within our boundaries then they would be eligible to vote.

Sue and Kate Mitchell will have a checklist together to warrant a meeting on April 6, 1987 to vote into the District those homeowners wishing to be within the District boundaries.

April 6, 1987 will also be used as an informational meeting to explain the engineers report. Webster-Martin will be in attendance to answer questions from the public. April 20, 1987 will also be used for an informational meeting on the same subject. Doug will call Peter Mitchell to attend the
April6 meeting as the District moderator.

Harold brought up the question of metering the fire house to make a check on our water. This meter would be only a check and no charges would be incurred at this time. Harold will look at how the fire trucks are filled upon return from a fire and will speak with Dave Tillotson, fire chief, about putting the meter on.

David suggested that all the public buildings be metered including the United Christian Assembly, the Library and the Fire House. David will speak with Marc about doing this work.

Harold reported the cost of moving the building next to Crocker's Clutter barn to be $2,000.00. Harold made the motion and Doug seconded the motion to move the structure to the present pump house. Harold had already contacted Messier House moving for an estimate so it was decided to write them a letter for their signature with the $2000.00 fee and the time arrangement of, on or around April 8, 1987. Harold will get a building permit from the town of Underhill to cover this move. Alan suggested that this building be placed on a gravel and stone foundation to cut the cost of poured cement. Harold made the motion and David seconded the motion to have Doug negotiate with Ken Mitchell on 20’ x 40' gravel and crushed stone foundation price not to exceed $500.00.

Harold testified on Pill H-136 to amend charges for discon­nection for non-payment of usage from $10.00 to $25.00. It passed unanimously in the douse and is now in the senate.

Harold has put together a proposal for water regulations to be made available for town water districts. He has asked David and Doug for their input on this project. This rules and regulation project will be made available for vote sometime after the bond vote which is scheduled to be held on April 27, 1987 with rules and regulation vote on June 1, 1987.

David, Harold and Doug will meet with Webster-Martin to cover their presentation sometime prior to the April informational meeting.

New Business:

Grace Mills and Mary Bushnell have asked about an update on the new water source. David will get a note off to both with a schedule of upcoming meetings.

Harold has suggested that every new customer be made aware that our water is fluoridated.

Harold returned the Reliance Contracting folder and Doug took it home to review.

The Board unanimously passed a resolution to hold a Bond vote in the amount of $306,000 which represents the Districts share of an estimated total project cost of $427,000 as indicated in the preliminary engineering report.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50 p.m.



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