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Minutes for the June 1987 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was called to order at 7110 on June 1, 1987 by Chairman, David Damkot.

Those present at the meeting were David Damkot, Dough Keith, Harold Sargent, Sue Carter, Craig Roskam and Allen polio.

A motion was made and seconded to amend the amount of money from a State grant in Phase I of the proposed water project to read $121,000.00. This amount was erroneously reported in the April 6, 1987 minutes

In the last paragraph on page 1 of the April 6, 1987 minutes, "Harold answered yes". This statement is amended to read, yes the moratorium would be lifted after the construction of the project.

The minutes were accepted with the aboove mentioned amendments. The financial report was accepted as submitted.

Craig Roskam was present at the meeting to resubmit his request for an additional hook-up to his barn for two apartments. In his conversation with the Board he no longer is requesting a new "hook-up" but an additional usage through whatever means the Board approves to comply with zoning approval. Zoning has now stated his barn is part of his home making it a four family dwelling if it is connected. This issue of additional usage

was tabled while Craig went Home to get a piece of piping he was planning to use to show the Board for approval.

In the meantime, David read a letter from Mr. Von Turkovich asking when our best guess is to when they might be-able to hook up to the system. The Board agreed to answer him with, “we anticipate that we will be under construction in the summer of 1988 if we have an appropriate bid and have State grant money. Extension of water lines would be picked up by the homeowner as per water district specifications.

When Craig returned with his pipe the Board did not approve the piping used and asked him to relay 3/4" K copper piping from the house to the barn. It was suggested that he lay a 1" line from the main to the house with 2 meters at his house and con­tinue on to the barn with the 1" copper line. A $400.00 charge will be made which will include a reader on the old meter and a new meter for the barn usage. No decision was made on this and Craig asked to return to the July meeting in hopes that a decision could be made at that time.

The Board considered a limited lifting of the present moratorium. David does not want to lift the moratorium at all until some leak detection has been done. Doug feels that we should lift the moratorium and set up a system as to who and when they can be served. It was decided that by our July meeting leak detection work should be started and at that time conditions can be considered for lifting the moratorium.

Allen Bolio asked the Board for a statement saying that can give away the land between the Post Office and the cemetary to the cemetary without breaking the contract between the Board and Wesley Jacobs of 1970. It is this piece of land that contains the piping in question. It was also requested from Allen to supply the Board with a formal request for what he needs for hook-ups a year.

Marc has asked if the Board wants him to the the back flushing of the well points. They agreed to have Marc schedule it for this summer.

David will call Dave Keszey about mowing the berm. If Dave cannot do it, Doug agreed to oversee this project.

The building that was moved from Crocker’s is now sitting on Messier Moving blocks. They need their blocks so Harold is suggesting that we get some of our own blocks at the site so that they can remove theirs. We need someone at the site to help set the blocks and do some shoveling. Harold will talk with Messier about doing this work.

David asked Doug to organize a leak detection crew to look for major leaks.

In order to do any repair work on the main line on Palmer Lane permission must be obtained from those whose property the line passes. David will have Paradis draw up an easement. David brought up the question of whether bids should be put out for this repair work. David will look into this.

Marc, through David, raised questions about one of the pumps. He asked if the District should pull this pump apart. The Board decided at this time not to do it.

Marc reported that the telemetry system connecting tank level and pump controls is out of whack. Marc has worked on this and finds he is incapable of solving the problem. He is asking for a Fisher Porter representative to come and review the situation. David will speak with Marc about who to contact. Harold will speak with Dick Bowler about some transmitter equipment that may be used.

'Bills were reviewed and signed.

On May 26, the fluoride split sample was 0.9 parts per million.

Along with the block work that needs to be done on the moved building, the building needs to be cleaned out. One door needs to be nailed shut. Locks should be attached. The building needs new sheaving and clapboards from where they were stripped in moving. Harold will check into this. 8" blocking for steps will be needed. There is no need for power to the building.

Harold feels that the test wells should be plugged. David will ask for a second opinion. Harold feels we whould not recharge our water with iron ladden water.

Harold checked into meter prices required for the Fire House. It was decided the costs were too high at this time to put one on.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45.



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