Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the January 1987 Meeting

2013-05-27 07:52:54


The monthly meeting of the Jericho Underhill Water District was called to order at 7:05 on January 5, 1987 by Chairman, David Damkot.

Present at the meeting were David Damkot, Doug Keith, Harold Sargent, Marc Maheux and Sue Carter.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. New business:

Harold drew up a Letter to be posted with the aerial map regarding the boundaries of the water district. It was suggested that a date of February 15th be placed in the letter for people to respond. It was also decided to include in the letter that Doug would have additional information on original owners. Harold will get an article on this matter into the Ecumenical News.

It was decided that a formal check list be drawn up by February 25.

The directors agreed that a vote on boundary changes be taken at the regular march meeting.

Mark requested the board purchase leak detection equipment to find and minimize the leakage in the District. The cost or the unit is around $1800.00. A motion was made and seconded and unanimously agreed to purchase the unit.

Harold will run off pink copies of a letter stating that shut off of water can occur at any time if a promised payment is not made.

The question was brought up about whether the fire house should be metered    David had a discussion with Randy Clark
on the question and Randy responded with a letter stating his concerns. He stated in his letter that they have done favors for the District and helped us out in the past without charge. Mark spoke to the Board about the fire department's commitment to the Water District. No decision was made on this question

James Morris called David and offered the District the shed next to the Crocker's house. A foundation would have to be built to place it on. A zoning permit would have to be obtained from the town. Harold will look at the building to determine whether the structure is worth moving.

A letter was received from Robert Gilman requesting water for an additional apartment. Making a new apartment constitutes a new connection and this does not conform to the moratorium. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously voted to deny this request.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.



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