Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the February 1987 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho Underhill Water District was called to order at 700 on February 2, 1987 by Chairman, David Damkot.

Present at the meeting were David Damkot, Doug Keith, Harold Sargent, Sue Carter and Alan Bolio.

New Business:

Marc related to David that the leak detection unit is in. Marc has ordered some parts from Fisher Porter for needed repairs. It would be about two weeks before these parts
are in.

A discussion on the boundary changes took place. Harold is going to check some of the previous land owners to decide if they were original land owners in the original boundaries.

It was decided that a check list could not be completed in time for a boundary vote the first of March.

Once a final report has become available from the engineers, informational meeting will take place. The Board decided that two informational meetings be held to inform the public of the engineers’ findings..

Harold checked out the shed next to the Crocker's house. It measures 29’6” x 12'8. Harold seems to think it might be quite costly to move. It sits on a foundation without
a cellar. Harold is going to check on cost estimates of moving the building and cost estimates on a new building.

David received a letter from Attorney Schmucker on the Capps-Gluck property. The Board decided it was in order so David will ask Joseph Capps and Christine Gluck to sign the agreement.

Harold took home to look over the Reliance Contracting folder on the water tank inspection.

Harold addressed the aggressive water problem. The new water source appears to be less aggressive than the present system. The aggressive levels of the new source will come with the

Geologists report.             If a bond vote does not go through, then
something will have to be done about the present aggressiveness.

Roland Burroughs has put a bill before the legislature to raise the fee for shut off from $10.00 to $25.00. Harold has been asked to testify on this bill.

Alan brought before the Board the fact that he had paid

$1200.00 to Red Hed for 8 cuts in his piping which our

District had asked him to do. He is saying that the District should not be charging him for three (3) hook ups He already has two connections and asked for credits of $400.00 on a third hook up. The Board agreed to a $400.00 credit.

Harold brought up the subject of metering the fire house. David suggested we table this matter awhile; however, Harold made a motion that the President talk to the fire department about installing a meter at the fire house to monitor the usage without charge. There was no second. Harold withdrew his motion. David will talk with Mark about his feelings on this matter and about getting money from the Towns for water usage by the Fire Department.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 p.m.



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