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Minutes for the December 1987 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on December 7, 1987. President, David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.. Those present included David, Trustee, Harold Sargent, Trustee, Douglas Keith and Sue Carter.

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted. The financial report was read and accepted.

System Operations: Marc reported via converation with David that all seems to be going well. He still believes there are leaks somewhere. David has visited the cistern several times and believes it is running 1 hour more a day than it used to. Harold, Doug and David will check on the Sacco problem of an extremely high meter reading and the extended pipe out of the ground. They will meet to do this on Saturday, Dec. 12.

Old Business: Harold and Doug will do the flagging of the hydrants on Saturday, Dec. 12. Doug filled the hole at the Kingsbury property with dirt. The curb stop is presently above ground level and the Board is concerned that the plows might break it off. Doug will ask Ken Mitchell to dump a bucket of gravel at the site and level it off. Doug will call the Town of Jericho to make the snow plower aware of the curb stop.

David read a letter from Mr. Woodin requesting to hook up to the system. They are concerned about the septic system being too close to their water source. They were previously connected so everything is in place including a meter. Harold made the motion to permit the Woodins to connect to the system on the gounds that the connection was made prior to the moratorium and provided that the old system is disconnected and the pump is pulled. Doug seconded the motion. Unanimously passed. They will be charged a turn on fee of $25.00.

Palmer Lane: Doug could not get everyone on Palmer Lane together at one time to sign the Quit Claim Deed. Signatures have been gotten from all but the Greenias, Owens and Bleakleys. Mr. Bleakley wanted his lawyer to check out the deed and Doug made a copy for him to show his lawyer. His lawyer has not gotten back to him. Doug will get in touch with Mr. Bleakley to check on the status of this issue.

The District insurance will not cover the cost of repair of the bicycle that Roger Koniuto hit while reading meters. It will have to come from Roger's car insurance if the Dragons are to be reimbursed.

The printed copies of the revised regulations will be delivered to David soon.

Land Purchase: In order to get final engineering monies from the State, the District must own the land at the Bushnell and Mills site and get State approval that the water is safe. There is a fellow with the Agriculture Department who is gathering figures on pesticide tooting to slave to the engineers. The engineers have not received these figures. The District must have proof of ownership soon in order to be eligible for State funds. There is a signed deed from Mary Bushnell and per an agreement with Mary Bushnell the District will pay the land gains tax on this property. The District has not received a signed deed from the Mills. The Mills now want the District to pay their land gains tax which was never previously agreed to by the District. The Mills are also asking for a letter of guarantee for hooking up the store. David has told the District lawyer that we cannot accept that and that the District would "see them in Court". It was agreed to let this statement stand for the time being.

New Business: David spoke with Allen Bolio at the beginning of November and asked him about sealing the meters on some of the houses and the change to copper piping. Allen replied that he thought Marc had been there to seal the meters and that Lot 5 and 6 have copper piping now and that Lot 3 will be done in the Spring. A letter followed this conversation. Harold says they reall should go through and connect and complete the loop.

Harold would like to ask each Town in the District for $500.00 as fire protection support such as refilling the tanks and fire water use. David will speak with Dave Tillotson about this and will also write a letter to each Town requesting that this be made a budget item.

David asked the Board to review the District map to make sure boundaries are correct and then to see that each Town receive an up-dated map. This was tabled until such time that the District officially owns the Bushnell and Mills property.

Bills were reviewed and signed.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.



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