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Minutes for the August 1987 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho Underhill Water District was held on August 10, 1987. President, David Damkot called the meeting to order at 70_2 D.11, Those present were

Harold Sargent, Trustee, Marc Maheux, System Operator, Sue Carter, Clerk, Ken Mitchell and Allen Bolio.

Minutes of the Last meeting were reviewed. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes. The motion carried.

Marc reported that the well points have been back flushed, that a leak was found at the Kingsbury's barn on Route 15 and that the Roskam connection was installed with each apartment metered separately.

A discussion took place on whether rater payers should pay a shut off charge in the case of leakage. It was agreed that no charge would be charged for the initial shut off but that a policy should be formulated for payment of Board standards when leak is found.

Marc suggested that our rules and regulations try to specify what type piping should go inside a house to try and avoid problems at a future date.

As soon as the Palmer Lane residents sign a rights agreement to work on their Property, work will get under way to completely redo the lines.

Marc suggested that the Board communicate with the Towns when any planned work is done so that they can plan their road work accord­ingly.

David and Harold agreed that Marc should work up some Specs on the Palmer Lane project. A contractor can make a proposal leaving Marc to be the inspecting officer of the project.

Ken Mitchell presented the Board with some pictures he had taken showing the well field site and the septic system on the Von Turkovich development. He feels that it is only a matter of time, because of poor sealing and other mistakes in installation, before it will eventually run into the well field. He feels that there is a lot of chance for leakage on this system. Harold feels the District should write to Mary Clark, State Engineer, asking for results of certified pressure testing of all sewage works facilities in the Development.

Harold made a motion that the Board send a letter to the Town of Underhill requesting a hearing on the Von Turkovich site for purpose of establishing that the system is being installed in accordance with the approved plans and to insure that proper pressure testing is accomplished in view of its close proximity to the test well site. David seconded the motion. The motion was carried.

Doug telephone David and said that the next house Allen Bolio built in his development (#5) should be the last house on his credit. Doug also suggested that Sue be paid $50.00 for her time at the

Polls. David wrote a check at the meeting. (board voted to pay)

Harold discussed the use of polybutylene at the Bolio site. David said that the regulations now state copper as the approved piping and until such time that new regulations are approved, he feels that the copper should be the material to use. If the polybutylene is approved, Harold would recommend the 200 piping. David suggested that the Board continue to investigate this and won't forget about it.

David wanted to enter the following letters into the minutes.

Letter dated July 20, 1997 from Jeffrey Green to Stan Wilbur wherein he —requests further improvements to the water system after Phase I• Stan answered his letter stating Phase II.

A letter to David from Doug Zorzie for Benson Sargent dated July 24, 1997 which it is noted that before they will give us more State monies we have to buy the land, furnish the Agency with a copy of the title to the well site and a signed certification as to title of project site and an Act 250 permit or write off.

Letter from William Hubbard date July 31, 1987 requesting hook up.

Answer: The Board decided at the July meeting that the moratorium is amended to permit limited connections to serve obligations and necessities of service to the public good. At this time we are not prepared to cosider a proposed subdivision but do appreciate your alerting us to your intentions. We would be pleased to have you appear before the Board on the matter of connecting your own home. We meet the first Monday of each month at the United Church of Underhill (downstairs) at 7 p.m. Signed David Damkot

Sue requested that the Board consider purchasing a typewriter for the Clerk's use. The Board said to look into the type, cost, etc.

Harold brought up that Ken Mitchell has asked about cleaning the ditches and grading around the pump house. Davids feelings are that because of the new system that as little money as possible should be spent on the berm area.

Ken thinks the road needs about $400 worth of gravel on it. Harold feels that his grading of the road has made it OK. David thinks that perhaps the spring would be a good time to consider this.

Ken says there is a switch box on the telephone poll that is rusted out. Harold will check this.'

Harold made a motion that the Board adopt a resolution that new regulations be legally advertised and adopted at the earliest possible time. The motion was seconded. The motion carried.

David will write a letter to those people who requested hook up during the moratorium to explain the new policy.

Sue reported that the chalet at the bottom of Maple Ride is not metered. The Board will look into getting it metered.

Roger Koniuto requested (via Sue) that his boys be permitted to help him read meters. The Board said OK.

The meeting adjourned.



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