Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the April 1987 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was called to order at 7:03 on April 6, 1987 by Chairman, David Damkot.

Those present at the meeting were David Damkot, Dough Keith, Harold Sargent and Sue Carter.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the last meeting as submitted

A motion was made and seconded to accept the financial report as submitted.

Old business;

Marc related to David that both pumps are now functional. Only one pump had been functional for quite some time and with constant diligence, Marc has gotten both pumps running.

David recessed the regular meeting and turned the meeting over to Moderator, Peter Mitchell to oversee the duly warned special meeting.

The warning was read by the Clerk and David Damkot moved to address the boundary issue. It was seconded by Harold Sargent.

A motion was made and carried unanimously by the eight (8) legal voters present that the land owners named on the duly warned warning (attached) be included in the District boundaries.

David introduced Stan Wilbur and Jeff McDonald from Webster-Martin and Doug Zorzie from the State.

The Webster-Martin representatives presented a comprehensive evaluation of the engineering findings. Questions were asked and fielded by Board members and Jeff McDonald. Jeff McDonald spoke of a zinc orthophosphate coating that can be put through the water system to coat the pipes to help keep the present pipes from corrosion.

Ken Mitchell asked about the plans for the present system if a bond vote is passed. Jeff McDonald answered that it would serve as a backup to the proposed new system•

Stan Wilbur spoke on the Project Cost Summary•

Phase I   $427,000.00
State Grant Monies = 121,000.00

Local Share        = 306,000.00

Federal Home Administration Loan at 6.875 for 40 yrs. = $23,000 a year

                  (after new system is constructed (note added))

Pill Hubbard asked the this system were voted would the moratorium be lifted? Harold answered yes. Mr. Nadeau asked if Sugar Hill would be served if this system were voted. That would be determined by Board decision, cost being a major factor


Harold addressed what user cost may be if the Bond were voted. The minimum per year would be raised to $128.00 leaving $12,000 a year to be raised elsewhere. New connection fee would be $1500.00. The remaining sum would be raised by adding approximately $1.00 to the per thousand a gallon rate. That would go from 1.75 to 2.75. See attached proposal.

Stan Wilbur reported that Phase II would be additional storage and fire protection and Phase III would be repairing leaks and ongoing maintenance.

Doug Zorzie reported that a Department of Water Resources Grant would apply toward well construction. Part of the grant is an interest free loan. Before the District can get any more money, they are asking for a firm commitment by the District for a positive bond vote. If construction is ready by summer of 1988 probably money would be available in grant money by then.

At this time the visitors departed and the Board members continued with Old Business.

The Agreement from Christine Cluck and Joe Capps was delivered to the meeting site and the 3 trustees signed it and made a copy for Christine and Joe.

The question was brought up by Doug Keith as to whether it might be feasible for our District to sell water to other Districts in the future.

Bill were reviewed and signed.

Harold talked with Farmers Home Administration. Mr. Brault said there is no penalty to pay off a loan.

There may be a delay in moving the building next to Crockers because of the the soft ground.

New Business

A request came from Dick and Bib McDowell for water to supply an apartment they would like to put in their home. A motion was made and seconded that the Board accept this request based on the fact that this does not require a new connection.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 p.m.



The legal voters of the Jericho-Underhill Water District are hereby warned to meet at the United Church of Underhill on Monday, April 6, 1987 at 7:00 p.m. to vote whether the following land owners shall be included into the District boundaries.

Shawn and Debbie Bartlett

Gregg Blasdel and Cheryl Bellman

Harlan and Rhonda Blodgett Elaine Bolio

William and Beverly Frank

Stephen and Rebecca Maglaris III

Marc and Jane Maheux

Artie McClellan

Cheryl Page

James and Lauri Ward


Said land represented as above listed owners either abut present

District boundaries or land adjacent to each other


David Damkot, Trustee

Douglas Keith, Trustee

Harold Sargent, Trustee




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