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1977 Annual Meeting Minutes




Minutes OF ANNUAL MEETING — 1977

The annual meeting of the Jericho—Underhill Water District was held in the Underhill I. D. School in the village of Underhill Flats, VT., on Monday,

October 3, 1977, at 7:30 p.m. The meeting was called to order by Leo Maheux, President.

Action on. Article #1 on the warning:

On motion duly made and seconded Harold Sargent was elected moderator for one year.

Action on Article #2

On motion duly made and seconded Kathryn Moore was elected clerk for one year-.

Action on Article #3

Leo Maheux reported for the officers. He contrasted expenses from the year before and detailed thawing expenses after the extremely severe winter. Repairs were made in a way that future thawing will be less expensive. The line laid on top of ledge to the water tower was insulated. The water department is responsible for work done on the road side of the curb stops and the homeowner is responsible from the curbstop to the house.

The wells were cleaned so that they rump 180 gallons per minute and he recommended that they be cleaned on a yearly basis -- contracted locally to be less expensive. The water tank will have to be painted inside and out next summer. The original painting contract will be consulted to see about commitments made by the painter about inspecting the tank and touching up where required. Lee Murray has the contract.

Action on Article#4

On motion duly made and seconded clerk was voted a chary of 4;600 for one year.

Action on Article #5

On motion duly made and seconded Leo Maheux was elected. Trustee for 3 years.

Action on Article #6

On motions duly made and seconded. Nancy Craig, Peg Sargent and. Douglas Keith were elected auditors for the coming year.

Action on Article #7

Lee Murray wants us to decide to either repair the water facilities that are on his property or tear down the pump house and cap the lines. The Trustees will set up a meeting with Mr. Murray to decide what is to be done.

A house on Jones's Hill (presently owned by Dave Kelley) hooks into our system when his well runs dry. This could present a contamination problem if riot done properly and the Trustees agreed that if others wish to do the same, they will have to install a permanent tap, that they can hook up.

Meeting adjourned as there was no other business.




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