Annual Report of the Board of Trustees
October 10, 1991


Unbelievable, but true--the new well is online and supplying our water. We have been told by a number of customers that they are very pleased with the taste. We have excellent quality water, although not in as large quantity as we wish.

The new well is producing about 150 gpm. The controls and devices are mostly working well. Some kinks are being found and remedied in the fairly complex control and infusion equipment, and we have been working

with the engineer, contractors, and suppliers to assure that all is
functioning perfectly before we take ownership of the system.

We have been negotiating with the engineer and the well-drilling contractor to obtain additional waters. It is expected that the State will approve placing a pump in a second well. This should more than double our capacity and supply water quantity that we had originally expected and do still insist upon.

It is expected that final work to put the second well online will be concluded this fall.


All hydrants were inspected this year. A few were difficult to operate, and one was found to be inoperable. All hydrants were greased and repairs were made as necessary so that now all work easily.

The distribution lines were flushed and cleaned.


A new line was installed to service the Baxter house on Maple Ridge Road. It had been served by an old plastic line entering the back of the house. This line was abandoned, and the new line now connects to the front of the house directly to the main.

s/David K. Damkot

Douglas L. Keith

Harold E. Sargent



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