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The legal voters of the Jericho-Underhill Water District are hereby warned to meet in the basement of the United Church of Underhill, 7 Park Street, Underhill, Vermont on Monday, October 2, 2017 at 7:00 pm. to transact the following business:


1.To elect a Moderator.

2. To accept the minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting.

3.To hear and act upon the reports of the Officers including the reports of the Treasurer, Auditors, and Trustees.

4.To elect a Clerk.

5. To elect an assistant Clerk.

6. To elect a Treasurer.

7. To elect three Auditors.

8. To elect a Collector of delinquent water bills

9. To elect a Trustee for a period of three years

10. To establish what the District will pay the Clerk.

11. To establish what the District will pay the Treasurer.

12. To establish what the District will pay the President and the Trustees for expenses.

13.  To hear Trustees’ report on changes and edits in the District Regulations

14.  To adopt a Budget to meet the expenses and liabilities of the District.

15. To discuss any other business thought proper when met.

16. Adjournment.

Jane Maheux, Clerk



Dated 09/16/2017





September 11, 2017



7:30 PM

Basement – Blue Classroom

 United Church of Underhill

   7 Park Street           

Underhill, VT 05489


All board meetings are public meetings and open to the public. The board encourages District voters to attend.


5 minutes         1. Call to Order and Welcome

                                    A. Adopt agenda

40 minutes       2. Review and update proposed FY 18 budget.

  1. Income expectations
  2. Expense spending plan

10 minutes       3. Water rate proposal to support budget

                        4.  Adjourn

Present Rates:


Minimum Base Fee     $ 49.50

1000 Gal rate              $  5.25

Sprinkler                      $ 90.75

Flat Rate                     $ 23.50 per

 Dear Customer,


The survey is complete if you have a blue flag still on your lawn please remove and discard.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Jericho Underhill Water District applied for and received a grant from the State of Vermont to help in our efforts to provide the best quality water.

A grant requirement is that the Jericho Underhill Water District (JUWD) accurately map the position of over 300 curb stops and valves that provide JUWD service by both GPS and measuring tape triangulation.

Some soil may have to be removed to accomplish the work.  This will be done by shovel to revel buried curb stops. The soil will be replaced after the work is completed.  Additionally JUWD board members or their representatives will need to measure from the curb stop to at least two corners of the residence receiving water service.  Those doing the measuring will be identifiable as wearing JUWD safety vests. There will be no other notification of the work other than this notice. The time to complete the survey is now through late fall.

Curb stops discovered during the survey will be marked with blue paint, a blue survey flag or both. We ask you leave these markers undisturbed until the survey is complete and representative from the UJWD removes them.

 Questions concerning the survey should be directed to the JUWD page at

Or system operator Marc Maheux at or 899-3810

The JUWD thanks you for your cooperation during this project.


Joe O’Brien, President

Jason Ritter, Trustee

Steve Jennings, Trustee


Meetings are held on the first Monday of every Month at the United Church of Underhill, in the basement. If a Holiday falls on the first Monday the meeting is held the following Monday. Agendas are posted under Public Notices


NO DOGS ALLOWED AT 52 RIVER RD site due to complaints.




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